Many parents find that warm water immersion enhances relaxation during and between contractions, often leading to less need for pain medication. Buoyancy can reduce pressure on the abdomen, promoting better circulation and more efficient contractions. The tub also increases mobility so that it is easier to change positions to aid in the progress of labor. Some clients also choose to have water births.

While the Jacuzzi tubs at hospitals and birthing centers are larger than household tubs, they still only accommodate one person and do not facilitate position changes. Our tubs are spacious enough to accommodate a supportive partner or midwife, if desired, in addition to the birthing parent. The soft foam sides of our tubs are much easier on the body than hard-sided Jacuzzi tubs.

LTN recommends making a reservation at least four weeks prior to your due date, so that if your baby arrives early, the paperwork will be in place and we will have the directions to your home in the delivery van.

If your due date falls within a “busy” month for births, or if you wish to have a long-term rental available several weeks before your due date, we recommend reserving even sooner.

We will gladly expedite registration for last minute requests, as availability permits.

Regular Tub Delivery

LTN will work with you and your birth professional to determine when it is time to deliver and set up your tub. Typically, you may keep the tub until the birth is complete and then page LTN to arrange pick up. In the unusual circumstance that labor has not progressed after 24-48 hours, LTN will reassess the situation. At that point, the tub may be drained and refilled, or picked up and delivered again at a later time.

Extended Tub Delivery

Most parents choose to have their tub delivered 10 – 14 days before their due date, but if you are worried that your baby will make an even earlier arrival we can deliver your extended rental tub up to 3 weeks before your due date.

The tub will remain with you until after you give birth, with no additional charge. If you have not delivered by 14 days after your due date, we ask that you check in with us to let us know the plan you’ve made with your midwife. That helps us with our tub availability plans.

Should you go into labor before your tub has been delivered, you should use the pager to request an immediate tub delivery, and we will do our best to make it work for you. The price difference will be refunded if this happens.

Self-Service Rentals

The rental period for self-service rentals is 30 days. Beyond that time, there is an additional charge for every week or part of a week.

Physical Specifications

Diameter: 54 inches (4.5 feet)
Water capacity: 175 gallons (approx.)
Height: 24 inches (2 feet)
Filled weight: 1500 pounds (approx.)
Water level: 18 inches
Water temperature: 97- 99 degrees F
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We need to be able to walk completely around the tub during set-up and take down, so you should allow an area 7 feet by 7 feet. After the tub is set up, but before it is filled with water, it can be shifted closer to a wall or into a corner. Once the tub has water in it, it cannot be moved. After the water is pumped out, we will again need to be able to pull the tub into a larger area for cleaning and packing.

We have delivered these tubs for more than 17 years, to several thousand homes, without any problems. Old and new construction, mid-century high rises, really funky construction—we’ve seen it all. Once every year or 2 we deliver to someone who has carefully considered how to spread the weight of the tub, where to place it to take advantage of a wall below, or the best placement for the feng shui of their home. For the most part, though, no special arrangements are made for the weight of the tub.

LTN provides a 6 x 8 foot tarp to protect the floor under and around the tub from splashes. You are welcome to use a bigger tarp, but this is the maximum size that we can disinfect and fold for transport, and it does the job. You should have a bath mat or towels to put on the tarp where the parent will step in and out.

Unrelated to the tub, you should also consider protecting any rugs or carpets on the path from the tub to the bathroom and bed, especially if the floor coverings are a light color. A word of caution—the plastic drop cloths used to cover furniture during painting are dangerously slippery, and should not be used to cover the floor.

- A designated parking spot, and a well-lit path, clear of obstacles, is a big help!

- We appreciate having the space for the tub cleared before it arrives, if possible.

- Sweep or vacuum the floor where the tub will be placed, to remove any debris that might puncture the tub or be uncomfortable to sit on.

- Turn your hot water heater up and conserve hot water until the tub is completely filled.

Because of bacterial growth, the water should not remain in an unused tub for more than 48 hours. Once someone gets into the water, the limit is 24 hours, or whichever comes first. We need to balance those facts with the length of time it takes to fill the tub—typically 2-3 tanks of hot water, and 3-5 hours.

We suggest that first time parents delivering at home page us when contractions are 6-8 minutes apart. We would like you to page even sooner to avoid rush-hour traffic snarls, if you know your hot water supply isn’t great, if your water has broken, or if your midwife sees signs that suggest a fast labor. We can be flexible on the delivery time. Occasionally we will leave a tub set up, ready to fill when labor has progressed a bit more.

We are not allowed to set the tubs up in a hospital before the birthing parent has been admitted. We ask that you page when you have been admitted and assigned a room. It usually takes 2 – 2.5 hours from the time you page until the tub is ready to use in the hospital.

The tub should ideally be within 30 feet of a combined hot and cold faucet and a toilet, and within five feet of an electrical outlet to plug in the heater. It should be filled with water close to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Although longer hoses may be used, water flow slows and heat is lost with longer hoses. A waterbed-style heater helps to maintain water temperature, but it is not intended to quickly heat a tub full of cold water.

The tub walls are 2 feet high and firm. Stepping into and out of the tub is not difficult for most people, and the rigid walls of the tub may be held for support. LTN suggests that parents be assisted.

For full service deliveries, full refunds are gladly provided to any client who cancels at least 14 days prior to her due date. A client who cancels less than two weeks before her due date, who does not request delivery of a reserved tub, or whose labor prevents us from setting up a tub after arrival, is refunded what they paid less $50. If our out-of-pocket expenses for an attempted delivery exceed $50, the refund will reflect the amount paid less the actual out-of-pocket cost.

For self service deliveries, there will be no refunds issued after the tub has been received by the client. LTN is not responsible for any circumstances beyond their control of (i.e., complications of pregnancy, fast labor, midwife did not end up using the tub, etc.). A refund of the amount paid, less the $50 non-refundable reservation fee, will be given for rentals canceled before pick-up.