The Process

We recommend starting your reservation at least four to six weeks prior to your due date, so that all of the paperwork has time to go round-trip, and we’ll have directions in the van if baby decides to arrive early.

You are under no obligation to confirm the reservation, but it helps if we have some basic information about you and your birth plan, so that we can suggest how to best tailor our services to your particular situation. After we have your information, we’ll send you a registration packet, which includes a copy of our rental agreement that will outline the agreed services. We ask that you return the rental agreement to us by mail, along with your payment. After we receive your contract, we will follow up with a confirmation letter that includes instructions on paging for the tub delivery, or picking up your birth pool kit.

While early reservations are helpful, we will expedite the process for parents who contact us within a month of their due date. No matter how close the due date, our 24-hour pager and 17 years of experience make last-minute reservations work!

Our Pricing

Full Service

$299 plus tax
  • LTN delivers, sets up, and begins filling tub during early labor.
  • Your support person continues filling the tub when hot water supply is ready.
  • All equipment provided, including appropriate plumbing adapter and suitable length hose.
  • If labor stalls, LTN drains the tub and leaves a fresh disposable liner.
  • After the birth, LTN drains, disinfects, packs, and removes the tub.

Extended Full Service

$359 plus tax
  • LTN delivers and sets up the tub by appointment, before labor begins.
  • No additional charge if baby is later than expected.
  • Your support person will fill the tub in early labor.
  • All equipment is provided, including appropriate plumbing adapter and suitable length hose.
  • If labor stalls, LTN provides a pump, clean hose, and new disposable liner for you to refill the tub. For clients in north Seattle, we will do the pump-out for you.
  • After the birth, LTN drains, disinfects, packs, and removes the tub


$219-259 plus tax and security deposit
  • You pick up the tub by appointment from our storage facility.
  • Rental period is for 30 days, with a charge for any partial week beyond that.
  • All equipment is provided, including one disposable liner, a universal adapter for showers, and a new 25’ hose (drinking water safe). Longer hoses are available for purchase from us.
  • You follow the step-by-step instructions for assembling the AquaDoula tub.
  • Your support person fills the tub when you’re in labor.
  • After the birth, your support person will drain, dry, and pack the equipment, then return it by appointment to our storage facility

Second Thought Clean Up

$50-60 depending on location
  • Our “Second Thought” clean up service is available, so LTN drains, disinfects, packs and removes the tub.

Cancellations and Refunds

Full Service Rentals

Full refunds are gladly provided to any client who cancels at least 14 days prior to her due date. A client who cancels less than 14 days before her due date, who does not request delivery of a reserved tub, or whose labor situation prevents us from setting up a tub after arrival, is refunded the amount paid less $50.

On rare occasions when our out-of-pocket cost for an attempted delivery exceeds $50, we will refund your full payment less our out-of-pocket cost for labor, mileage, and tolls.

Self Service Rentals

There will be no refunds issued after the tub has been received by the client. LTN is not responsible for any circumstances beyond their control of (i.e., complications of pregnancy, fast labor, midwife did not end up using the tub, etc.). A refund of the amount paid, less the $50 non-refundable reservation fee, will be given for rentals canceled before pick-up.