What Clients Say


Outside the water I felt every little thing, not that this is bad at all, but oh my. Every. Little. Thing. Maybe I just wasn’t as aware the first two goes, but I really love me some water birthing.


Before labor, I was not convinced I wanted to use a labor tub. However, once the contractions started coming quickly, I couldn't wait to get in it. It was much more comfortable and spacious than the tubs the hospital had available... Now that I've used a labor tub, I can't imagine not having one available. I recommend them to all my friends!


The warmth helped my muscles relax, the movement of the water helped distract me from the pressure and the overall environment kept me calm and focused.


The tub exceeded my expectations. I truly feel it enabled me to deliver without drug intervention.


What The Experts Say About Laboring in Water and Waterbirth


It's important to have options during labor and the tub is at the top of my list.

~Marge Mansfield LM, CPM

Seattle Home Maternity Service

Co-founder of Seattle Midwifery Schools


I would consider warm water immersion during labor and birth a midwifery standard of practice.

~Jenna Shaw-Battista RN, PhD, CNM

director of the Nurse-Midwifery Education Program at UCSF

Our results revealed the advantage of water birth delivery. Those who gave water birth experienced less pain and completed the delivery sooner. Meanwhile, normal vaginal delivery was accomplished more frequently with this group. These all lead to a decreased necessity for medical interventions as well as an increased socioeconomic advantage for the society.

~Shahla Chaichian MD

Reported benefits of bathing in labor include lowering elevated blood pressure, re- lief of pain, less use of supplementary analgesia, relaxation, stress reduction, improved efficiency of contractions, and high patient satisfaction.

~Penny Simkin PT